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Saratoga County Jail Programs

Example Forms

These are blank copies of some of the forms used in Saratoga County jail's system of reentry programs, reprinted with consent from the program. Please take look, gain some ideas, adapt for your own uses, or just understand better how the program functions!

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Example Schedule
Saratoga County Jail
Recovery Pod

This gives a loose idea of what the schedule has looked like in the past. The program options are constantly expanding, especially as the jail recovers from COVID-19.

Healing Springs Recovery Center Example Schedule

Schedule of events, also available on their website:

Healing Springs Events (

Schedule of Events Healing Springs Recovery Center June 2022
sign up sheets.png

Example Sign Up Sheets

This is the template for a variety of sign-up sheets posted around Saratoga County jail for all the different groups, as well as for CRPA Initiative services. They're posted around the jail for incarcerated folks to sign themselves up for services.

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Vetting/Screening Form

This is the form used by the CRPA Initiative to gain some quick information about everyone engaging in services.

vetting form.png

CRPA Initiative and Discharge Planning Engagement Form

Used to keep track of clients and assist during the discharge planning process.

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Release of Information

Because the programs at Saratoga are HIPAA-compliant, a release of information must be signed by the client stating what information can be shared, and with whom.

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Discharge Plan Form

This form is used to document someone's 'discharge plan', or the plan made with Ben or the other discharge planner at the jail, which outlines the services the person is connecting with. 

Jail Schedule
HS Schedule
Sign-Up Form
Vetting Form
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