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Here read a description of several existing reentry programs for county jail populations in Upstate New York that I've researched, how they work, and how they were created!

Read about these programs to get ideas for expanding an existing program, to have an idea of how to build a brand new program, or just to see some amazing programs.

Programs are organized by county (under 'Warren' find the program for Warren County that I researched).


Each Programs page is the story of a reentry program, directly from the person who built it. These articles provide a broad and then an in-depth look at how the program works and what it provides. Then, the articles explain the journey that it took to build the program.


You could use the information on how the program works to get ideas to adapt to your community, to build a new program, or to expand one that already exists.


The timelines can show you what it takes to build a reentry program and prove it's possible to create something amazing with very little resources, education in criminal justice or social work, or experience.


These articles are written by the website author, Darby Larkin, based on my interview research of these programs. Each article will specify who was interviewed to explain the program. 

Albany County

Image by Rob Martinez

Albany County Jail Reentry Infrastructure

Elena Kilcullen

Assistant Director of Programs Elena Kilcullen is the hub for reentry services in Albany, and built an integrated reentry system for the jail that provides reentry assistance for all inmates at every stage of their incarceration.

The jail also turned an empty wing into a homeless shelter for the community, providing food and community resources for men who aren't a good fit for other emergency shelter programs.

Warren County

ABLE Case Management

Amanda Zeno

Local CASAC and outpatient recovery counselor Amanda Zeno  runs a community-based reentry case management service in Warren County. The program primarily operates in Warren County Jail and participation is entirely voluntary - not mandated by the courts or by the jail. Services are offered to any inmate, regardless of sentencing status, as well as to anyone in the community with a criminal record or at-risk of incarceration.

Image by Jesse Gardner

Saratoga County

Image by Keith Luke

Saratoga County Jail Services

Ben Deeb

Local CRPA Ben Deeb built and runs an interconnected system of programs at Saratoga County Jail from the perspective of a former inmate. This system is both community-based and integrated into the jail's infrastructure. It includes the CRPA Initiative, run by Ben himself, which offers comprehensive reentry planning, Alternatives to Incarceration connections, and Recovery Coaching. Ben also founded the Recovery Pod, a 31-man unit in the jail for veterans, MAT participants, and motivated inmates who all dedicate their time to recovering together. Pre-COVID, the pod hosted a variety of people from the community to run programs and groups, all focused on reentry.

Walk With Me, ABLE, and Jail Ministry

Rozann Greco, Jeff Pryor, and Cris Mogenson

Broome County hosts several programs dedicated to helping justice-involved individuals.

  • ABLE: Jeff Pryor runs the DOCCS-funded Community Reentry Task Force providing comprehensive reentry planning for inmates in the jail with wraparound services once they leave. Now he operates an entire center in the community providing classes, groups, support, and resources for the justice-involved of Broome County.

  • Walk With Me: Community volunteer and activist Rozann Greco runs a nonprofit reentry agency to help people reconnect with their community before and after release. The larger organization that they operate through is heavily involved in activism and advocacy in the criminal justice system

  • Jail Ministry: Reverend Mogenson runs a jail ministry inside Broome County Jail, and facilitates a network of volunteer-run programs for inmates.

Broome County

Image by Prasad Panchakshari

Columbia County

Image by Ilnort Rueda

Reentry Columbia

Laurie Scott

Committed community members Laurie and Bert run a community-based reentry program deeply involved in the community. They run classes and groups in Columbia County Jail and provide reentry planning for inmates pre-release that continues into the community. Laurie is also a hub for providers in the community, running or starting several task forces, community groups, cross-agency meetings, and conferences on rural reentry.

Schenectady County

Community Fathers

Walter Simpkins

Mr. Simpkins founded and runs Community Fathers, a support group in the community for fathers with a history of incarceration. But CF is so much more - it offers emotional support, education to revolutionize the way men parent and feel themselves, and opportunities to improve for everyone in the community. Mr. Simpkins also brings together many different agencies and people in the community, building a network of helpers to strengthen the community and tie people closer together. CF is also ground-up - there is no 'boss', everyone works together on the same level.

Image by Ali Tayyebi
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