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Reentry Tools NY

A Hub for People Interested in Reentry

Tools for reentry programs across New York State

Presenting original research on current reentry programs for jail populations in Upstate, examples of the forms and tools they use, and summaries of research in the field.

Going live in June 2022!

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Created by Darby Larkin
Sociology Undergrad and Public Policy Grad student at UMass Amherst

Hi! I'm Darby. I'm creating this website as a hub for reentry programs in Upstate New York - for people who work in or run reentry programs to find resources, tools, and research to grow a program, or build a brand new one! I'm presenting my original research on several reentry programs for jail populations in Upstate NY, as well as other research, podcasts, documentaries, books, and movies that help the field of reentry!

My hope is to help kickstart an explosion of reentry programs in Upstate NY, celebrate the amazing work being done, and connect reentry providers across the state.

What you'll find in this website...

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I hope you'll check back as I publish the website and add to it!

This website is part of my Honors Thesis at UMass Amherst: Building Reentry Programs for County Jail Population in Upstate NY

And will be published in early June, 2022.

It also comes out of my own work in reentry programs, and getting to see the incredible things happening in Upstate! Please check back to enjoy the spotlight on amazing programs and dedicated providers in NYS.

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