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New Beginnings
Pre-Release Assessment

This is a tool Elena developed herself based on extensive research of the major areas of need for justice-involved folks that contribute most to instability and recidivism. 
The column "Need Met By" is for the things a person already has set up. For housing, this would be if they still have an apartment, or will be moving in with someone.
The column "Still Needs Attention" is for the needs that are not met and what a person needs to set up for their release from jail. This would include if they're interested in counseling but don't have anything set up yet.

The categories and prompts really show Elena's philosophy with this document - she believes reentry will be a lot more successful if folks are specifically offered every possible resource, rather than expecting folks to decide on their own what they might need or want and then requesting it. With her extensive knowledge of resources in the area, she has way more information about what's possible than the client does. So the client, as the expert on themselves, should be provided the information to make decisions about what will be best for them.

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New Beginnings Resource Guide

This Resource Guide is where Elena Kilcullen, the architect of Albany County Jail's reentry program, started. It's a giant list of all the agencies, services, resources, and programs available in Albany County, information on each one, and how to access them. It's given to everyone incarcerated at Albany County in the form of a tablet program that Elena created. It's a way everyone can plan for their reentry and get ideas for what they might need and want anytime during their incarceration, and even directly contact them (the tablet program has working links and contact options!!). It even includes the services provided in-house at the jail for people to read about. 

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